887G ADSL2/2+ AnnexA Sec Router w/ Ad.IP,3G Global GSM/HSPA General Model designation: 887 ADSL2/2+ Annex A Router with 3G Other product features (i.e. waterproof, volume control, ...): Managed Type: Router Interfaces / Connectivity Amount of ports: Amount of ports: Mobile radio stadards: GSM; UMTS (WCDMA) Measurements / weight Measurements (y): 48 mm Measurements (z): 249 mm Measurements x: 325 mm Network Integrated network functionality (i.e. fax, firewall, ...): Modem; Router Network ports: AES/EBU Network standards: Ethernet network protocol: TCP/IP Technical specifications Medium: WLAN Operating systems: Cisco IOS Transmission rate: 10.1 Gbps


  • CISCO887G-K9