100% Genuine- Computer/Laptop Replacement or Internal parts

Part Number: WS-C6513
Maximum Network UptimeWith platform, power supply, supervisor engine, switch fabric, and integrated network services, redundancy provides one- to three-second stateful failover and delivers application and services continuity in a converged network, minimizing disruption of mission-critical data and services
Comprehensive Network SecurityIntegrates proven, multigigabit Cisco security solutions, including intrusion detection, firewall, VPN, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) into existing networks
Scalable PerformanceProvides up to 400-mpps performance with distributed forwarding architecture
Forward-Thinking Architecture with Investment ProtectionSupports three generations of interchangeable, hot-swappable modules in the same chassis, optimizing IT infrastructure usage, maximizing ROI, and reducing TCO

Cisco Systems WS-C6513-2500AC

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  • Cisco Systems WS-C6513-2500AC

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