Model: C6800-48P-SFP Cisco 6807 Switch Line card 
Detail: C6800-48P-SFP Cisco 6807 Switch Line card, 48 ports SFP+, 1G/10G, Dualfull-duplex, fabric channels 
Product Code C6800-48P-SFP 
Product Type 6800 Series 1 Gigabit Modules 
Port connector type LC (optical) or RJ-45 (copper) depending on the SFP transceiver installed 
48 port; 1000BASE-SX, LX/LH, -ZX, -T; 1000BASE-CWDM; LCconnecter Port Density/
Chassis Model
·240 ports/
·528 ports/
·384 ports/
6509E Maximum FrameSize Up to 9216 bytes/frame Queues per Port (Tx = Transmit, Rx = Receive) ·Tx-1p3q8T
·Rx-2q8T Scheduler Deficit Weighted Round Robin (DWRR) Buffer Size per Port ·Rx-166KB
·Tx-1.17MB Onboard Memory 1GB Default Power Requirements 334.44 and 339.44 Watts respectively Backplane connection Connects to the switch fabric using dual full-duplex 20-Gbps switch fabric channels (40 Gbps total). Chassis/slot support Can occupy slots 1-2 and 5-7 in C6807-XL chassis. Can occupy any slots in
Cisco Catalyst 6503E, 6504E, 6506E, 6509E, and 6509-V-E. Can occupy slots 1-6 and 9-13 in a
Cisco Catalyst 6513-E. Supervisor engine Compatible with Supervisor Engine 2T and Supervisor Engine 2TXL. Distributed forwarding and performance Comes equipped with DFC4 or DFC4XL daughter cards, delivering optimal performance up to a sustained 60 Mpps for L2, IPv4 and MPLS forwarding and 30 Mpps for IPv6 forwarding.


  • C6800-48P-SFP

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